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Retain your knowledge using Salesforce Knowledge

Motivation behind this

Many a times, we have seen that when we come across a good information about a code snippet or documentation which has been used personally or professionally in project we use to save at our system. Sometimes we take a backup of the code using IDE.

But at times those are either not searchable or easy to find it when we need it.

Proposed Solutions

Create your own knowledge base

Idea of leveraging Salesforce knowledge to create own knowledge base which will help knowledge sharing, knowledge retaining, documenting tips & tricks, learning from POCs done in projects etc.
Here is my knowledge base tips and tricks

Use of data category to filter out relevant search

Keyword search

Example of an article (taken from my own answer at

To create Salesforce knowledge, refer Getting started with Knowledge trailhead.

Salesforce provides nice knowledge management functionality which helps to retain our knowledge. We can create 100 articles in Developer edition.

If we can develop this and keep creating articles then it will be a huge effort saving on day to day  work and for future reference.

Appreciation from Salesforce

The above blog post has been appreciated by Salesforce in twitter. 

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