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Update Case Action on feed based layout


With the use of feed based layout and actions, user can perform multiple updates at one goal.

For example, if user wants to perform following updates in a single update button click event instead of multiple clicks.

- Change Case Owner
- Update Case Fields
- Update Case Comments.

The feed view action will look like this:


1. Create new Case Action called "Update Case"  as follows:

  • Setup --> Cases --> Buttons, Links and Actions.
  • Click New Action Button and enter following details

2. Click on Edit Layout and place desired fields on the layout

3. Create Feedback page layout and in the Quick Actions section, add this "Update Case" action.

4. Assign the page layout to respective profiles.

5. You can also track those fields from Chatter, for that follow these steps:
  • Setup --> Chatter --> Feed tracking
  • Choose Case object
  • Choose "Enable Feed Tracking" checkbox
  • Choose desired fields for feed tracking. You can select maximum 20 fields for tracking.

6. Now open a Case record and click on Feed icon

7. Select "Update Case" tab (refer 1st screen) and enter attribute values and click on Update.

8. System will update all the field values in one single update. 

9. You will see the updates in Feed (like below) as well as Case Details Page.

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